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In the NMZ you fight bosses from quests which you have completed. When you are in a party with another player, only the bosses from quests which both player have completed will spawn. Because of this, there are "Hosts" who have only done certain quests. The minimum number bosses required to start a NMZ dream is 5.

[big][big][big]Why do Nightmare Zone?[/big][/big][/big]

* Nice AFK Training method
* NMZ points used to imbue DK Rings, Slayer mask and Crystal shield/bow


The nightmare zone is located north of Yanille (circled)
[Image: XWtSfK8.png]

[big]Things to know:

All dreams for training are "Rumble (hard mode)" This gives the bosses that spawn more health

Booster: An account used specifically to aid another account gain xp

Host: The person (or bot) who makes the team for the dream

Dreams have an entry payment which is removed from the coffers:
* Normal Rumble - 2k
* Hard Rumble - 6k[/small]

You will therefore need to put some money into the coffers[/big]

[spoiler][Image: iPQB8j8.png][/spoiler]

[big][big][big][big]Melee Guide[/big][/big][/big][/big]

[big]For your first dream/ first few dreams, you will have to use food or prayer potions to earn some nightmare zone points, because you use the points to buy potions from the reward chest.

[big][big][big][big]Quest Requirements[/big][/big] (for most paid hosts)[/big][/big]

* Lost City (31 craft, 36 wc)
* Fight Arena
* Tree Gnome Village
* Vampire Slayer
* The Grand Tree

* Mountain Daughter

[big]Prayer setup [/big][Req: 43+ prayer, prayer bonus gear, A higher prayer level is better]

I would avoid using a prayer setup if you can, the rewards from the NMZ shop can pay for the ppot cost, but it's not the best in my opinion
[spoiler][Image: 9OzHbJ4.png]

[Image: oG2KGZG.png][/spoiler]

[big]Absorb pot setup[/big] [Req: 70+ defence for barrows armour]
[spoiler][Image: 5pKfDgn.png]

[Image: 7YGlYBX.png][/spoiler]

[big][big]Additional Equipment[/big][/big]

Spec weapon (explained later)
Granite maul (50att 50str)
Ancient mace (Another Slice of H.A.M)

Holy Wrench if using prayer (Rum Deal)

Rock Cake if using Dharoks (RFD dwarf subquest)


[spoiler]Using NMZ points earned from killing bosses in dreams you will buy Overload potions and absorb potions (unless using ppots)
[Image: jaPjzwu.png]
Overload potions[/big]

Like pre-eoc overloads, these boost all your combat stats and last for 5 minutes

[big]Absorption Potions[/big]

Each dose of absorb potion gives 50 absorption. This means that damage is removed from your absorption value instead of your hitpoints. A maximum of 1000 absorption can be potted at a time.

[big][big]Lower hp causes absorb potions to last longer[/big][/big]

this is because e.g. you have 2 hp and 50 absorb points. Any monsters attacking you can only max 2, rather than say 26 like black demons would be capable. This means you can only lose 2 damage from the absorption value every time you take a hit.

The potions are then claimed from these barrels, you choose how many doses you want, not individual potions.
[Image: d3YBcdn.png]
[Image: FqIZ6cv.png]
[Image: UaZSO2X.png][/spoiler]

Setting up your dream.[/big][/big][/big]

Most of the work here is done by hosts. This requires some trust, and you will likely get scammed a few times.

Hosts spam advertise which bosses they have and how much you need to pay them.
[Quite a lot of hosts are bots, but not all]

Find a host and trade them the money [usually 20k]
[Image: gKAwcLC.png]

They will invite you into a dream party with them
[Image: HcdqPb7.png]

[Image: 7rOGCC8.png]

They will then drink at the potion and enter the dream, which will prompt you to enter the dream with them. Once you are in, they will leave, but the bosses which will spawn will remain the same as if the host were in your party still.
[Image: XFNmysu.png]

[big][big][big]In dream[/big][/big][/big]
[spoiler]Once in the dream drink your potions. If using absorb potions you can stack up to 1000 damage (this is nice for afking). Alternatively keep absorb value low in order to keep hp low with a rock cake to lengthen the amount of time each absorb pot lasts.

If using dharok's, you need to keep your absorption quite low, because it also absorbs damage taken from the rock cake, preventing you from lowering your hp.

[Image: 58zERYu.png]


While in the dream 4 different power-ups can spawn:

[big]Power Surge[/big]

[spoiler]This is the most useful power-up.

For ~30 seconds after activating it, your special attack will regenerate rapidly.
There are a few good special weapons to use for this:

Granite maul - Pretty obvious, lots of hits, just spam away at the special bar

Ancient Mace: The special attack of this weapon restores prayer points equal to what you hit, and can give prayer over the maximum, but only for as high as you can hit (i.e hitting 1, 6, 5, 7 after reaching 70/70 prayer would only boost to 77/70)

Using the ancient mace can greatly incrase the length of your dreams, using protect from melee every time you recharge your prayer in this way.

[Image: J5u4Hco.png]


[spoiler]This power-up does aoe damage to all the bosses near you.

Doesn't give xp, but helps to gain nmz points for potions, imbues and other rewards.

[Image: Dlsb29I.png]

[big]Recurrent Damage[/big]

[spoiler]This power-up follows up your hits with another hit for 0.75 of what you hit. (poorly worded)

The second hit doesn't give xp, but like zapper, this helps gain NMZ points

[Image: 8fShX0G.png][/spoiler]

Ultimate Force[/big]

[spoiler]Kills all monsters in the room, gives no points, no xp.

Don't use this

[Image: RpGVSNU.png]


[big][big][big][big]Mage Guide[/big][/big][/big][/big]


Worlds 301 and 369

The xp rates for mage in nmz are only beaten by bursting/barraging monkey skeletons in the Ape Atol caves. The difference is that this method is far cheaper, can even profit.

I have created my own mage specific host as they are much more difficult to get than melee hosts.

Using the runes that spawn in the NMZ do not give the base xp per cast, but still give xp for damage.

Proving you do not lose money by this method
[spoiler]Calculations: 1 x prayer potion (4) = 12000

Pure essence = 30gp/ess = 70 NMZ/ess

1 prayer potion (4) = (12000/30) = 400 essence = (400*70) = 28k NMZ points

You would break even on the cost of prayer points if you can earn a minimum of 28k NMZ points per full prayer potion (4) used training.

It is possible to earn far more than this, therefore it is actually possible to profit doing this.


* Lost City (31 craft, 36 wc)
* Holy Grail (20 att)
* Tree Gnome Village
* Vampire Slayer
* What Lies Below (35 rc)

These quests are required because they only give monsters with 1x1 squares, which greatly improves bursting/barraging methods.


[spoiler]Basically try and get a balance between mage attack and prayer bonus.

These are just some ideas, I use the first set up, previously used the 2nd before 70 mage. I use an empty god book, I aim to fill it as a fully zammy book would be best, but any empty god book still gives a prayer bonus.

[Image: TX6Th5y.png]

[Image: fdKOSaA.png]

[Image: SNqJtP7.png]


Setting up your dream.[/big][/big][/big]


It is important that someone who isn't the boosting account hosts the dream. This is so that RUNES are spawned in the dream (providing a quest such as family crest/ horror from the deep has been completed)

Invite everyone, including the booster account.
(the more people, the better xp/hr because each person allows +4 monsters to spawn at once)

[big][big][big]In dream[/big][/big][/big]
Once in the dream, turn protect from melee on and then spend the next few minutes stocking up on runes from the spawns.

Drop trick to pick up lots of runes
You can only pick up a maximum of 300 runes at a time, but these can be discarded (dropped) and more can be taken from the spawn. You can then pick up a much larger pile of runes which you have been dropping.


[big]Method 1[/big] (Best XP)
[spoiler]Recommended people: 3/4
Effort: max

After collecting runes the players DD on each other.

1 Person Runs back and forth causing a DD of monsters (running through the pile allows the monsters to stack on each other), casting a spell on each side of the Monster pile (they can cast more than 1 spell if the DD is ok)

Lurer rubs between the "Lurer 1" and "Lurer 2" positions through the monster DD.

[Image: LpaDGtB.png]

Players take it in turns luring the monsters into a DD

If players lure for 20 minutes at a time, then with 3 players you can spend 40 minutes largely afking (you must make sure to stay in the Player DD, as sometimes the monsters will move under you moving you off) for 20 minutes luring with 3 players, or 60mins afk/ 20 mins work.


[big]Method 2[/big] (Medium xp)
[spoiler]People: 2+
Effort: Low

The players stand diagonally from each other with a square separating them (opposite corners of a 9x9 square)

[Image: EN84L8P.png]

The monsters should largely be in the green area, but some will be outside it

Players can afk or keep clicking the monster nearest the middle of the square.

[Image: AoycmDO.png]

This is not as fast as the method 1 because you are not always hitting 9 monsters (which you do 90% of the time in method 1).

[big]Method 3[/big] (solo xp)
[spoiler]people: 1
Effort: low

Once you have your runes just stand in the middle of the room.

Move about a bit if you feel like it, try and hit all 4 monsters.

You will only have 4 monsters max at a time, so the xp is much lower, but better than just bank standing.

You should still break even on this method.[/spoiler]


The rewards chest has several functions:

* Gives items that can be sold

Best item to spend points on are herb boxes, max of 15 can be bought per day

2nd best item for selling is Pure essence simply because of the large volumes it is traded in. Some other rewards may technically give more gp / NMZ points, but they would be harder to sell.

Useful for herblore secondary ingredients and vials of water

* Potions for use in NMZ dreams

Overload (ovl)
Boots stats to super potion level, but stays fully boosted for 5 minutes.

Causes 50 damage to player.[/spoiler]

Each dose gives the player 50 absorption.

Any damage directed at the player is instead removed from the absorption value.

Monsters can only hit as high as the players current hp, so lower hp makes these last longer in dreams. (Use a rock cake when the absorb has run out while praying melee, then add more absorption)

Maximum absorption value of 1000 at one time, more can be added when some is lost.[/spoiler]

Extreme Magic / Extreme Range

[spoiler]Just act as super potions for magic and range respectively.

Much cheaper than ovls, but stats don't stay at max boost.

* Item Imbues

Black mask

[spoiler]1250k Points

Adds the 15% damage and accuracy boost on slayer tasks to range and mage.

Dagannoth Rings

[spoiler]650k Points

Doubles the stats of the individual rings[/spoiler]

Crystal Shield / Crystal Bow

[spoiler]2k points /charge (20k points for a 10/10 item)

Prevents the item's stats from degrading as the item does (e.g. a 2/10 crystal shield gives same defence as a 10/10 shield)[/spoiler]

* Scrolls of Redirection
775 Points

Use on a House teleport Tab to allow teleportation to any house portal or trollheim (after Eadgar's ruse)

It's the old school equivalent of chipped house tabs.[/spoiler]
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