What I do offline
This is what I usually do with my spare time, target shooting, loading my own ammo (better accuracy, more power than store bought ammo)

Much better use of time tbh, runescape is boring as fuck lately

[Image: 7k42I.png]

From left to right:
300 Winchester Magnum - Former Armed forces sniper cartridge, before they upgraded to the 338 Lapua and 50 BMG
- I have ~100 Rounds
45 Automatic - Sidearm of choice for army, marines, etc (Browning 1911 model)
- I have ~400 Rounds
9mm Luger - Standard issue Law Enforcement Handgun
- I have ~300 Rounds
223 Remington/5.56x45 NATO
- I have at least 1000 Rounds

not shown:
2x 12 gauge shotguns
1x 16 gauge shotgun
2x 20 gauge shotguns
1x Browning Buckmark pistol 22 Long Rifle
1x Remington Speedmaster 22 Long Rifle

[Image: 7k489.png]
Nice hobby Smile

Moved as requested
[Image: Tf3Gs.png]
l0l moved to achievements lelele

remember kids don't mess with andrew!!!

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