Fixing TeamSpeak Crashes on clicking channels
1.) Update TeamSpeak client and ask your server provider to update the TeamSpeak server software
[Image: jn4jI0p.png]

2.) Close TeamSpeak client

Now this is where things may diverge depending on how you have TeamSpeak setup
Path B is the more common setup

3A.) Navigate to where you have TeamSpeak installed (most likely path differs from mine)
[Image: yKqiR90.png]

4A.) Navigate to config folder
[Image: g289y4g.png]

5A.) Delete the entire cache folder


3B.) Navigate to your AppData folder (can go there via navigating to %appdata%)

[Image: H49N14p.png]

4B.) Navigate to the TS3Client folder

[Image: 968hgAs.png]

5B.) Delete the entire cache folder

[Image: AHEuipd.png]

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